Architects & Engineers
Professional Liability

Many of the Architects and Engineers markets for professional liability have expanded their scope from the traditional and specific classes, limited more strictly to only architects and engineers, to a much broader range of classes including everything from laboratory testing to city planners to roofing consultants.

If you browse the list of classes here, you will know why you need to rely on a wholesale broker with extensive knowledge and experience in the A&E field – a broker who not only knows which markets are writing what, but all of the coverage nuances that are part of the A&E marketplace  –  pollution provisions or exclusions, first dollar defense coverage, aggregate deductibles, project-specific excess limits, crisis response coverage – and more.

Look no further than Intercorp for this market expertise.  Check out the list of classes, contact us for applications or inquiries.  In many cases, our markets are able to quote from competitor applications.

Targeted Classes