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What to Report and When

It’s late on a Friday afternoon and the phone rings. Picking up, you immediately recognize the voice of a client. He is often confused about the services your company provides and doesn't always understand the scope of your work. But tonight, he says his company has experienced...

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You’ve Been Sued, What’s Next?

The sheriff, process server, or maybe the mail carrier with a certified letter has just exited your office, leaving you with a thick sheaf of papers labeled: ABC Bank vs. Mary Q. Appraiser. What do you do next? First, let’s talk about what you should not do: 1. Don’t stuff...

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The ABC’s of E&O Insurance

Claims made coverage. Prior acts coverage. Retroactive dates. Minimum earned premium. A.M. Best Ratings. The technical jargon of the insurance industry can be confusing to lay people. When it comes to purchasing professional liability insurance or errors & omissions...

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Sweat the Small Stuff (So You Don’t End Up With Big Problems)

Proofreading. Ugh! It probably conjures up images of college term papers or maybe that fussy eighth grade English teacher who valiantly tried to teach you the appropriate place to put the comma.  Surely your professional reputation and opportunities with clients couldn’t...

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File with paperwork

6 Ways to Protect Your Appraisal Business

The buzzword for the real estate industry might be “Location, Location, Location,” but to help prevent and mitigate a potential Errors & Omission claim, the motto should be: “Document, Document, Document!”  If followed religiously without fail, this motto can save...

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Lessons From Litigation

Differences of opinion. Disagreements. Mediation. Lawsuits. Litigation. Even if you are vigilant in taking all of the necessary precautions to manage your risk of being sued, sometimes events and circumstances are aligned in such a way that a claim or lawsuit is unavoidable....

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Prepare for the Unexpected

As I was writing this article, in the midst of the devastating wildfires ravaging California, the whole topic of planning for the unexpected really hit home. I opened a newsletter that I read frequently to find the writer stating:  “As I begin to write this newsletter...

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