Agents and Brokers

Intercorp serves our agents and the needs of their insureds. Find out why more than 200 agents have chosen Intercorp. Partner with Intercorp today!

Intercorp programs and brokerage services are open to all independent insurance agents. Intercorp welcomes submissions from agents and brokers on behalf of their clients. There are no volume requirements.

Insurance Agents and Brokers Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Broker agreement: Complete our broker agreement form which outlines the terms of our relationship.
  2. Licenses: Provide copies of your licenses in the jurisdictions in which you plan to place business with us.
  3. Proof of insurance: Provide proof of errors & omissions insurance (a certificate of insurance or copy of a declarations page) with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.

We can provide quotations without these items (for rush situations). However, all documents must be received and approved before coverage can be bound.

For more information about doing business with Intercorp, click on our Frequently Asked Questions for Agents & Brokers. For details about our available programs, click here.

Extend the reach and resources of your staff by partnering with Intercorp for your specialty insurance needs.

See Certificates of Insurance Guidelines


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What commissions does Intercorp pay?

Commission rates vary by program. We specify commission on all quotes. Contact us if a commission is not shown or if you have a question about it.

2. In what states are your programs written?

Most of our programs are available in all 50 states. Refer to the program's details for any territorial restrictions.

3. What type of applications are required?

We will advise what applications, loss history, and financial information are required for individual broker accounts. Email ( with a brief description of the account and receive a prompt email with the forms and any other requirements. Applications are available on this website for most program business.

4. Are there any volume requirements for new agents?

No. There are no volume requirements.

5. Do I need to fill out an application or sign an agreement to work with Intercorp?

We require the following:

  • Complete our broker agreement with the required signature. (Download a copy here)
  • Send us a copy of your broker/producer license (you must be licensed in the jurisdiction where your insured is located).
  • Send us proof of your errors & omissions insurance (policy declaration page or certificate of insurance), with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.

Placement and payment procedures follow wholesale insurance community best practices. We encourage you to ask questions before coverage placement. Intercorp reserves the right to decline submissions from agencies that fail to comply with our underwriting, submission, or payment policies.

6. Does Intercorp direct bill insureds?

Generally, no. When working with agents, we require payment from the agency. Each transaction will be individually billed to the agent, less agency commission. If other arrangements need to be made, you should advise us of this before coverage is bound.

7. Does Intercorp offer financing?

Yes, Intercorp offers financing on most accounts through a premium finance company. You may arrange premium financing on your own.

8. Do I report claims to Intercorp?

Insureds must follow the claims reporting requirements outlined in the policy.  We request to be notified also.  All claims on Intercorp program business should be reported to us.

9. May we issue certificates of insurance?

Certificates may be issued in accordance with the following guidelines.

10. What is the timeframe for quoting and binding policies?

The quotation and binding process vary. On certain programs and certain types of accounts, we can quote, bind, and issue within the same day. Other programs and complex accounts require more time. In either case, you will be kept informed at all stages of the quoting process.

11. Are your programs written with admitted or non-admitted companies?

Both. Coverage may be offered through admitted or non-admitted companies.

12. Does Intercorp handle surplus lines filings?

Yes, we are licensed to handle surplus lines filings in all 50 states. As the retail agent, you will need to comply with any due diligence requirements, but we are authorized to collect and file the taxes and forms.